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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines sells professional products with different features according to your needs, with a cabinet or open. Dpfmac Particle Cleaning Machines which plays a major role in closing the huge gap in the sector, “We have taken our place in this sector by creating a new brand with our machines that we take action by doing the right works.

We are here to make a difference with our customer-oriented service concept, aesthetic and aerodynamic design and practical machines that have documents in accordance with world standards. ” he states. The company, which sells to all countries of the world, carries out its business with great care and diligence.

Dpf Mac Plane Machine

Dpf mac Line 2100 machine features;

It consists of two stages, hot and cold. Sufficient amount of medicine is added to the water which is increased to 85 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes in the liquid reservoir with a resistance of 4500 watts. The hot medicine sucked with the help of a motor is passed through the pipes and the particle filter and at the same time, the particle filter is struck by the water flow rate. The medicated water that comes out of the particle filter reaches the liquid reservoir by passing through the filter. This process continues until the cleaning is completed. After the cleaning process is completed, the water connected to the machine from the city network in order to rinse passes through the same paths and empties into the cold water tank and is thrown out of the machine from the discharge part of the chamber.

Dpfmac Particle Cleaning Machines

What are the Dpfmac Particle Cleaning Machine Features? Particle and catalyst binding up to 150 cm Connecting apparatus up to 40..80 mm diameter Ability to adjust water flow rate with automatic electric valve Water flow power max. 0-12 bar feature Tank and water level control system with sensor Resistance protection sensor 220 volt AC operation (Optional 220V) Working with a compressor between 5-10 bar Ability to discharge the pollution that has softened during cleaning with air support. All metal parts used in our cabinet machine are 304 stainless steel and other parts are preferred brands that have proven themselves in the sector. For this reason, quality has come to the fore.

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